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Helping Individuals And Families Seeking Juvenile Guardianship

Sometimes, there is no parent available to take custodial care of a child’s welfare. This can be the case because of death, abandonment or temporary or long-term incarceration while a parent completes a prison sentence or residential chemical dependency treatment.

In such cases, a grandparent or other extended family member may seek temporary or permanent child guardianship. From offices in Milwaukee, Benske Family Law, attorneys offer services to assist people who are seeking juvenile guardianship of a minor in southeastern Wisconsin.

When determining whether to grant juvenile guardianship to a relative, the court will review the following:

  • The child has been placed or continued in a placement outside of their home pursuant to one or more court orders for a cumulative total period of one year or longer
  • The person nominated as the juvenile guardian of the child is a relative with whom the child has been placed, and it is likely that the child will continue to be placed with that relative for an extended period of time or until the child turns 18
  • If appointed, it is likely that the relative would be willing and able to serve as the child’s guardian for an extended period of time or until the child turns 18
  • It is not in the best interests of the child that a petition to terminate parental rights be filed with respect to the child
  • The child’s parent or parents are neglecting, refusing or unable to carry out the duties of a juvenile guardian
  • The agency primarily responsible for providing services to the child under a court order has made reasonable efforts to make it possible for the child to return to their home

As attorneys at a law firm that handles only family legal matters, we have the knowledge and experience to help you seek guardianship over the child you care about.

What Is Wisconsin Statute 48.9795?

In 2020, Gov. Tony Evers signed a new act into law to improve the system for guardianships for minors in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Statute 48.9795 expands the types of guardianships for juveniles to include:

  1. Temporary guardianship: These last up to 180 days, and the court can extend them for 180 more if the child’s situation necessitates it.
  2. Limited guardianship: If a parent needs assistance in caring for a child, a limited guardianship allows someone to handle certain rights and duties.
  3. Emergency guardianship: In situations that require an immediate guardian, the court can grant emergency guardianship for up to 60 days.
  4. Full guardianship: If the parents can no longer care for a child, the court can issue a full guardianship until the minor turns 18. This form of guardianship is the closest to legal adoption.

We can help you determine which type of guardianship is right for you and the juvenile(s) in question.

Discuss Guardianship With An Attorney

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