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Helping Families Is Our Firm’s Focus

At Benske Family Law, we concentrate on family law. We have helped thousands of individuals throughout southeastern Wisconsin in a variety of legal issues related to divorce, child custody and placement, and other family law matters.

No individual family law case is the same.  People are different and the facts in each case are different. Circumstances change case by case and so too the ultimate outcome.  You need an attorney who understands the ins and outs of family law. The attorneys at Benske Family Law have the experience to help you and your family.

We make every effort to resolve disputed issues quickly and efficiently, with the highest priority on achieving your objectives. We know the legal process can be expensive, both financially and emotionally. We will work hard to negotiate a resolution as efficiently as possible, but we will always protect your rights and family interests vigorously if trial becomes necessary.

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You deserve clear, straight answers to your questions about the process ahead. Call us at 414-939-0468 or send an email to speak with a family law attorney on our team. From our offices in Milwaukee, we represent clients in family law matters in county courts throughout southeastern Wisconsin.