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Many lawyers seem to think marriage is just a legal relationship between two people. To dissolve the marriage requires a court process, just as it would if parties try to legally dissolve any contractual agreement. And like any legal matter involving two people, complex issues must be negotiated and settled to protect both parties’ rights and interests.

At Benske Family Law, in Milwaukee, our family law attorneys know that divorce involves the heart as much as the head. Anyone going through a divorce knows that dissolving a marriage means ending a long-term relationship with a person you once promised to spend the rest of your life with. It often involves children. It almost always involves fear of an unknown financial future. It’s not just a legal contract you are bringing to an end; it’s the start of a new future. How you move into that future often depends on the lawyers you have at your side.

Confidence In The Future Begins With Hiring A Lawyer You Can Trust

Some people are afraid that hiring an attorney will only create conflict. When you have Benske Family Law, as your law firm, this could not be further from the truth. We are a team of lawyers devoted to one thing: resolving the complex issues that need to be settled between you and your spouse as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. The truth is, your divorce isn’t really final until you are satisfied that all the legal details were taken care of and you have put the emotions and the financial costs behind you.

We focus exclusively on Wisconsin family law, and most of our clients come to us for divorce representation. We have earned a regional reputation for our commitment to excellence in all areas of divorce law and litigation, including:

As certified family law and divorce mediators, we can help couples find peaceful resolutions in emotionally charged situations. We can also help you explore the possibility of alternatives to divorce such as legal separation or annulment.

Is There Really Such A Thing As An Amicable Divorce?

We know that most people want a short and easy divorce to get on with their lives as quickly as possible. If you and your spouse have decided how you want to settle most issues, we can help move it through the legal process as quickly as possible. Be aware, though, that even when divorcing couples have drafted a proposed agreement, there are often final details that have been overlooked. It is still important to have an experienced attorney review the agreement.

How Long Does It Take To Get Divorced In Wisconsin?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen overnight. The timeline varies depending on how complicated your case is and whether there are many contested issues. Wisconsin has a mandatory waiting period of 120 days, which means you can’t get a final divorce order until roughly four months after you’ve filed the initial petition.

In contested cases with complex issues such as contested custody, property division and alimony disputes, the process can take much longer.

What Is The Cost Of Divorce In Wisconsin?

As with the divorce timeline, the cost of a divorce can vary significantly depending on the nature of your case. Contested cases are much more costly since they involve more legal proceedings. Litigation is always expensive. Alternatives to litigation such as mediation and collaborative law can save you significant money, but they aren’t right for every situation.

It’s important not to cut costs at the expense of getting a good outcome, particularly when it comes to major issues such as property division and child custody. A poor outcome can cost you more in the long run.

How Is Property Divided?

Wisconsin is a community property state when it comes to property division in divorce. That means all of the property that either spouse acquired during the marriage is considered the property of both spouses and will be divided 50/50. The same is true of debts.

There are some exceptions, however. Our attorneys can provide guidance on whether any of your assets might qualify as separate property that isn’t subject to division.

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At Benske Family Law, we understand how difficult it is to sit down with a divorce attorney. Many of our clients have never had to hire a lawyer for any legal problem before. Let us assure you: We are here to help. We understand the difficulties that arise during divorce and promise commitment, experience and support throughout the process. Call us at 414-939-0468 or send an email to arrange an initial opportunity to meet.