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High-Asset And Complex Property Division

In most cases, financial assets and property obtained over the course of a marriage will be classified as marital property. This may include separate property owned prior to the marriage, but commingled (mixed together) for investment purposes during the marriage. In some instances, a gift or inheritance that was obtained during the marriage will be considered separate property of the spouse who received the asset.

In many cases, the amount of wealth and debt a couple accumulates can become substantial and quite complex. When the property is subject to valuation for divorce settlement, the marital estate might include:

  • Investments in stocks and long-term securities
  • Pension annuities, 401(k) accounts and qualified retirement savings
  • Residential property, commercial investment real estate, a cabin or vacation home
  • A business or professional practice, including a business owned by several partners

During the divorce, attorneys for both parties will be required to provide discovery of assets. Your lawyer will need experience and knowledge of the process to ensure that all assets are uncovered and the valuation of the property is accurate. If you are concerned that your former partner has been hiding assets, has improperly spent your marital savings or has not declared all assets, then a thorough investigation and litigation in family court will likely be needed.

Trust Our Experience To Protect Your Financial Future

From offices in Milwaukee, Benske Family Law, represents clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin in complex, high-asset divorce litigation. Our clients benefit from our experience in high-asset, complex property settlements in divorce. We are legal professionals who know when to turn to other professionals to protect our clients’ rights, including:

  • Forensic accountants
  • Real estate appraisers and financial advisers
  • Financial specialists in securities investments
  • Business valuation experts
  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) specialists for pensions and retirement funds

Prenuptial Agreements And Property Division

If you had a prenuptial agreement in place, that agreement will generally guide the division of assets and real estate. However, any increase in earnings that resulted in commingling assets protected by the prenuptial agreement may still be classified as marital property. We will review the agreement and litigate as necessary to protect your rights and interests.

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